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Kb Gym - Courses

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KB GYM - Courses

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ADV Circuit Training

Circuit Training is useful to improving the ability to produce and tolerate muscualr lactic acid, as these are two essential metabolic components in the growth of STRENGTHENING STRENGTH The Circuit Training embraces all sports applications. It is widely used in the general athletic preparation of ALL disciplines. It supports efforts that reach such intensity to require an action from anaerobic lactic acid metabolism.

Body Mind

Postural Training is a training program. Its goal is to bring persons back to their perfect alignment. The ideal alignment unite positions of all body joints in a particular time, and the muscular balance, all in one. Posture is guaranteed by the balance of strength and elasticity between agonist, antagonists and synergists muscles. Thanks to Postural Training, posture is improved. It expels muscular tension and suit a new function to many internal organs; It's a nice mix between workout and chinesiotherapy and it represents a new approach to group lessons.

Body Stability

Body Stabiity means a series of movements generally performed during the warm-up phase. They prepare muscles for the next WOD, providing a series of immediate and long-term benefits, to the whole body. The creator of Mobility Wod, Dr. Kelly Starret, claimed : while stretching deals only with stretching muscles, the mobility made at the beginning of WOD (in addition to lengthening and shortening the muscles, including stretching) also deals with the ROM (range of motion) of the joints. It gives massive benefits to muscle tension of the soft tissues, the neuromuscular coordination, the biomechanics of positioning and the stabilization of heart as well. Athletes assimilate the perfect knowledge of every single movement.

Boxe / Kick Boxing

The boxing / kick boxing classes are the most complete training we can offer you. They give you the opportunity to keep yourself fit and learn a discipline at the same time. With a little help from functional training tools ,in addition to a cool athletic training, you will be guide to learn techniques and tactics of these sports. The bag and the combined techniques complete the training. The classes are open to any aged people, men and women,from the beginners to the agonist ones.

Deep Impact

A movement is called functional when it reflects the gestures of everyday life, natural movements given by the synergistic contraction of several muscle groups. Developing a nice, harmonious and strong body through exercises is the main goal of the functional training. The discipline makes an effort to be as close as possible to what a human body does in its natural motions.

Functional Training

Intense fitness, open to any aged people. It improves elasticity, dexterity and coordination. Mostly free body exercises accomplished by using tools like rubber bands, trx, kettlebell, fitball and small dumbbells. Classes are organized in exercises divided into muscle groups or circuits which develop aerobic abilities. Great importance is also given to the heart and the final stretching.

Killer Abs

Static and dynamic exercises to improve toning and strength of abdominal muscles. It lastes 30 minutes.

Pilates Method

It is a training system developed at the beginning of the twentieth century by Joseph Pilates who has been inspired from ancient oriental disciplines. It is an exercises program focused on postural muscles. Those muscles help keeping the body balanced and they are essential in supporting the spine. Different exercises make feel your breathing and spine alignment better. They also improve strengthening of the deep floor trunk muscles, a great help to relieve and prevent backache. The Pilates method is the toning and strengthening of the "Power House", basically all muscles connected to the trunk: abdomen, buttocks, adductors and lumbar area. Pilates Mat Work takes place on the mat and must be combined to a proper breathing.

Pilates Reformer Method

The wide variety of pilates exercises performed on the reformer includes exercises able to improve posture and muscle strength and flexibility and also to improve coordination of movement, without stressing joints and spine.

Power Lifting

KB Gym is equipped with an approved weight lifting platform by "Pignatti". Pesistic equipment is all by "XENIOS USA. You can find race and training balancers and the whole disks set from 5kg up to 25kg with a maximum load of 300KG. Thanks to yanks and ascends (snatch, clean & jerk) our instructors from the Italian weightlifting federation will help you to reach the top. Let's highlight a discipline like the powerlifting as well, where squats, deadlifts and the exercises on the flat bench are ace. That's a new way of training that will bring you to amazing results for sure.

Corso di Power Lifting

Questo corso è dedicato a tutti coloro che desiderano apprendere i movimenti di squat, panca piana e stacco da terra. Durante l’allenamento verranno proposte le metodologie che meglio si adattano alla persona, al fine di garantire il corretto apprendimento tecnico delle alzate e il massimo sviluppo della forza.

Thai Boxe

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a full-contact combat sport that has its roots in Mae Mai Muay Thai (Muay Boran), an ancient Thai fighting technique. It consists on a wide range of standing percussions and clinch techniques. This sport is known as "the art of eight weapons" or "the science of the eight arts" because it allows the two contenders to challenge using combinations of punches, kicks, elbows and knees, basically eight parts of the body used as points of contact (Compared to the two body parts of boxing or four in kickboxing). Thai Boxe gives you an intense athletic and mental preparation that make the difference in full contact battles. The expert teacher Armando is waiting for you to introduce beginners to this hard and fascinating discipline.


We are very close Piazza Cavour and only 5 minutes to Lepanto Metro Station.
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